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For the first time it has been translated into English and details the difference between currently practiced Karate and the almost forgotten ways of Budo Karate.

"Yanagawa sensei Budo Karate has influenced me greatly."

Budo Karate

Is the latest book from

Mahashiro Yanagawa

He has recently established the "Nihon-den, Nisho-Niten-ryu-jujutsu-Kenpo"

He has written a number of books including "Ri of Karate", 

"Ri of Budo Karate", "The Way of Perfect Knockout with One Attack",

"Musashi Miyamoto, Gorimsho (book of five rings)" 

and "Answers by Budo-Ka".

He has also released video titles "Ri of Budo Karate" and DVD titled as 

"Denju, Budo Karate".

Specifications: 159 pages, 349 photographs, A5 format.

Price: £15.00


Kuniaki Sakagami 8th Dan JKF Wadokai on Yanagawa sensei

"One thing I have learned, as long as you train with Yanagawa sensei concepts of Budo Karate, you do not lose your effectiveness. In other words your striking and kicking power does not diminish (with age) in fact it improves.

When this happens it revitalizes your dream, your aims and your goals."