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A Review of the 2013 JKF Wado-Kai Masters’ Course, by Raj Bhardwaj

Aiwakai was delighted with the overwhelming success of its 2013 JKF Wado-Kai Masters’ Course, which ran from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th September in Leicester, England. The course was flawlessly organised by Aiwakai and ably supported by Leicester Karate.

The visiting Masters were led by Hideho Takagi 8th Dan (pictured opposite calling out instruction), a Member of the JKF Wadokai committee plus the following instructors from the JKF:

 Mr Chiaki Shimamoto 8th Dan.

 Mr Masamichi Shinohara 8th Dan.

 Mr Masohito Kitagawa 8th Dan.

 Mr Koichi Shimura 7th Dan.

 Mr Tamaki Sonoda 7th Dan.

 Mr Yoshinorio Matsui Chairman of the Board of Directors.

With our own Sakagami Sensei 8th Dan (pictured opposite observing a student) also delivering training, the depth of teaching talent was truly world class.

The numbers involved on the course confirms this as the biggest event of its sort in Europe:

 Instruction given by 8 Japanese Masters.

  An impressive 201 people trained (see picture below), with representatives from: Spain; Romania; Northern Ireland; Israel; Netherlands; Finland; Denmark; Canada; USA; Sweden; England; Ireland; Austria; Hungary and Germany. It heart-warming to witness the camaraderie and warmth in the Dojo.

 Including the instructors there were 164 black belts involved…with best practice subsequently taken back to Dojos across Europe.

  More than 60 people took their Dan gradings.

 More than 40 people took their Kata judge or instructor qualifications.

The three-day course had a classical syllabus, covering: basics, Kata and Kihon Gumite.

Following demonstrations, we had the opportunity to ask questions and then practice whilst instructors came around and helped with refinements.

The warm up was challenging and comprehensive…setting up students well to go through their basics.

Each of Kihon Gumite 1-10 were demonstrated by two instructors and then explained by Takagi Sensei. He emphasised the importance of taking the initiative; always being offensive as you seek to get in, control your opponent and “kill” a given body part (i.e. to stop it from functioning) to minimise the chance of a counter attack.

The other instructors took turns performing Kata: Kushanku; Naihanchi; Seishan; Chinto and Niseishi.

To wrap things up, circa 60 people took their dan grading whilst another 40 people applied for their instructor’s license.

The following photo album from the course gives an overview of the three days:                                                                                            

Now that is flexible

The class warms up with basics

Mr Chiaki Shimamoto 8th Dan, takes notes

Sensei A.J. Van Dijk from Holland (front), Sensei Remus from Romania (left) and Ioana Ichim from Romania (right)

Mr Masamichi Shinohara 8th Dan reviews the execution of his instruction

Takagi Sensei and Nukina Sensei give detailed guidance on Kihon Gumite

Sensei Lee Minion, 5th Dan executes Kihon Gumite number five

Senseis Sue and Mick Ryde complete a Kihon Gumite

Students complete Naihanchi Kata

Sakagami Sensei 8th Dan gives instruction

Sakagami Sensei 8th Dan gives instruction

Mr Masamichi Shinohara 8th Dan demonstrated Kata to the highest standards