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Wadokai England is a subsidiary of Aiwakai and recognised by Japan Wadokai as Wadokai England.

Hence Wadokai England is not an Association or Federation and does not issue licences.

Wadokai England seeks to give world class training to our best Karate talent

In turn our aim is to compete annually in FEW’s (FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN WADOKAI) single style wadokai competition

As well as the JKF WADOKAI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, which run every four years.

Wadokai England is open to Wado-based only clubs or groups wishing to participate in FEW European and JKF Wadokai World Championships in both kata and Kumite.

The Wadokai England philosophy promotes a selfless dedication to our athletes.

Wadokai England is non-political; the only stipulation is that clubs or groups wishing to join belong to the EKF or do not support any dissident bodies.

Wadokai England will refuse membership to any group who are believed to be politically motivated or have shown political motivation in past membership

Wadokai England has the aim of promoting, and popularizing Wado Kai Karate both at home and Internationally. For further in formation please view the contents of our website.

Honorary President   Wadokai England

Kuniaki Sakagami 8th Dan



              Website www.aiwakaikarate.co.uk

Treasurer  Wadokai England

Mick Ryde 5th dan




Development officer

RAJ Bhardwaj




Overseas Advisor

Peter may


                         Website www.aiwakaikarate.co.uk